From:        Supreme Commander of Axis & Allies Klub Danmark

To:            All Axis & Allies players around the World

Subject:    Expansion rules for use with Axis & Allies

Orders:     Let your Axis & Allies Game begin!


The World War II Axis & Allies Expansion Rules contain 4 major expansions and are compatible with most Axis & Allies games. Each expansion is played in conjunction with a basic Axis & Allies game. 


Each of these expansion rules has a brief introduction with some guidelines, ultimately followed by the expansion rules for use with an Axis & Allies game.



Also, each of the four expansions has its own set of units. These units are shown on a separate sheet and must be printed and punched before use.


The toolbar “Pictures” show alternative ways to display your units.





Kind regards

Axis & Allies Klub Danmark

Updated March 2016